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Academy Report released October 14 2010

Cloud computing at Internet scale is an emerging technology of importance to Australia’s information and communications technology capacity and the competitiveness of its innovation capability. For this reason, the Academy of Technological Science and Engineering (ATSE) established an informal Working Group to report on relevant aspects of this disruptive technology.

The Academy released its report on October 14 2010.

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eScience enabled by Cloud Computing

The elastic nature of cloud services’ computation, storage, and networking infrastructure, together with uniformity of access across the globe means that eScience is well suited to cloud computing. Terabytes of storage, sometimes Petabytes, are required with new telescopes and sensors monitoring the environment.

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Security in public clouds

Security, and to a lesser extent privacy, concerns are the major barriers to the adoption of cloud computing, but the leading cloud service providers have responded to the point that sensitive information, such as medical records and credit-card-holder data, is now held in the cloud. A recent article in the Journal ofTelecommunications and the Digital Economy discusses these issues.

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Pacific Challenge and the management of innovation

Pacific Challenge is a specialist consulting firm, providing value to clients through its global network of affiliates who bring deep domain expertise in information technology and computer communications to the firm’s capability in the management of innovation. Current specialisations are

  • Strategy
  • Cloud computing
  • Reports for government

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What is cloud computing?

Applications are delivered as software as a service – from infrastructure hosted off premises, in massive warehouse-sized data centres. They are delivered over the Internet with a common-or-garden browser. The huge scale delivers cost savings, currently factors of five to seven, steadily increasing. Computers and storage are presented as a utility, just like our electricity and water, with a matching business model, namely pay-per-use.

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The Internet of Things

Cloud computing to date has emphasised processing, sharing, and other uses of cloud-resident data. However, the loading and aggregation of data into the cloud is of equal importance, although lagging in practice. The rapid evolution and widespread deployment of sensors - in the soil, tree canopies, in point-of-sale terminals, in pallets in containers, and so on – are causing an explosion in data volumes.

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